A fully networked Access Control system can have several thousand users on one system; and being able to easily manage all of the activity across several sites, or even one large site, with many access control interfaces can be difficult to visualise. The simple solution to this problem is to incorporate a software based Graphical Systems Interface which uses digital drawings and photographs of a site, allowing administrators to easily display, monitor and control all access control system activities.


Using images of the actual site(s) which incorporate each of the system managed access control interfaces, enables administrators to quickly and effectively understand which system asset has been used and by which registered user.



Graphical systems interfaces can also help to quickly and easily monitor the health of the entire access control system; immediately identifying off-line assets, any tamper alarms or loss of power. Each of these alarms can then be simply viewed and acknowledged from the central Graphical User Interface (GUI).


Individual system elements such as barriers and turnstiles, time and attendance interfaces and individual doors can all be managed directly, with the visual reassurance that the correct asset is being authorised.


The power of the graphical systems software can also provide multiple management and security access levels, providing increased levels of site security and control.


To provide truly integrated systems management the access control graphics systems interface can also be used to visualise and report on additional physical security systems such as intruder alarms and / or CCTV systems.