As well as the more traditional uses for an access control system such as entry on foot through an external or internal door to a building, most access control network management systems can also incorporate controlled access to a secure facility through gates, barriers and turnstiles.


There are a wide range of styles and types of gates, barriers and turnstiles which can be configured to work effectively via a high quality and robust access control system.


These physical security assets can be interfaced to work in harmony over a networked system , and can even be enhanced through addition to a Graphics system; providing easier administration across a busy site or multiple locations further afield.


From vehicle barriers or electronic gates, to half or full height turnstiles, as well as more aggressive or complex physical security measures, there is a solution to suit any application.


Thompson Group engineers can work with you to identify and specify the most appropriate type and style of system, which will prevent unauthorised access to your site whilst providing minimum inconvenience to authorised personnel.


As with more traditional door activation Access Control systems, these automated gates, barriers and turnstiles can benefit from the same range of individual users identification ‘credentials’ which can be in the form of a PIN code, password, proximity fobs or cards, or even biometric access control readers.


Advanced barriers and turnstiles can also benefit from anti-tailgating capabilities; ensuring that additional vehicles or personnel are not permitted access to a high security site through multiple user access, following an authorised user’s system activation.


For even greater functionality, the Thompson Group team can seamlessly integrate your vehicle barriers with ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) cameras to automate site access through recognition of approved vehicle number plates.