Wireless fire alarm panelWireless Fire Alarm Systems do exactly the same job as a normal hard wired fire alarm system – providing an effective alternative, but without the need to run fire rated cables throughout the building(s) to connect the fire alarm control panel to all of the detection, activation and audio and visual alarm devices protecting the site.

How is the fire alarm system connected?

Wireless Fire Alarm Systems utilise secure, licence free radio signals, enabling a reliable connection between all of the connected devices and the fire alarm control panel.

Intelligent detection

As each of the wireless fire alarm devices has an individual connection with the fire alarm control panel they are capable of providing just as much information as an analogue addressable fire alarm system – allowing for identification of the exact location of any device activation, the minimisation of false alarms through more intelligent analysis of the reason behind the activation or alert within the device itself and the ability to create a fully programmable cause and effect matrix.

Wireless fire alarm systems – The pros

Wireless fire alarm systems are ideally suited to use in listed buildings; rooms with expensive or delicate fixtures and fittings or even within sites / rooms where there is minimal time available to install the system (i.e. high capacity production facilities) as it is simply a case of securing the device(s) to the correct location on the ceiling, checking the connection with the fire alarm control panel – and the detection is operational straight away..

Other situations where a wireless fire alarm system is an advantage are in temporary or incomplete buildings or works – such as a construction site where the overall hard wired fire alarm system has not been fully installed and commissioned yet as the building is only partially constructed – or where there is a need or a desire for a fire detection system within a temporary building such as temporary classrooms set up to continue local education following a natural disaster.

Wireless fire alarm systems – The cons

Wireless fire alarm - detectorWhilst wireless fire alarm systems are quick and easy to install and feature most of the benefits of the traditional hard wired systems, there are some downsides to the systems.

One being that due to the greater amount of technology required for each device to be able to transmit and receive signals as well as conduct its normal day to day function of detecting or alerting people to the possibility of a fire; wireless fire alarm systems are usually more expensive than their conventional counterparts.

Another possible downside is due to the fact that as all of the devices are wireless, they do not have access to a power source and therefore may need more regular visits to check and replace their batteries (which can be a logistical challenge in buildings with high ceilings).

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