Digital PosterDigital Posters are a simple to use and low cost, entry level solution, for organisations to continuously present eye catching, informative and relevant images and video to their employees, clients and visitors – improving levels of on-site engagement.


Many businesses choose digital posters due to their “plug and play” capabilities and reliability in delivering information; whilst also being easily updatable on-site using a USB drive or; if a large number of screens are deployed; linked to a digital media / digital signage player; allowing content to be changed remotely using a “log-in” facility.


The systems can be easily scheduled to display relevant content on specific days and even times of each day using a standard PC and “open source” software.


Thompson DC offers a full range of digital posters from 19 inch wall or stand mounted displays to much larger 82 inch free-standing digital displays suitable for either indoor or outdoor use.


Many of the latest digital poster units can also run Full HD content, creating a far greater visual experience for the viewer.


The wide range and flexibility of screen content possibilities allow organisations to create a playlist of in-house offers and even promote third party offers to create additional revenue streams using the posters and related technologies such as QR codes.


The latest digital posters can also be supplied with “future-proofing” in mind; allowing for the addition of other digital media hardware technologies, such as media players pre-loaded with digital signage platforms at a later date, to create a more advanced digital system or to network multiple digital posters together.