Upgrading to a HD-CCTV (High Definition CCTV) system from a standard (definition) analogue system can provide many of the advanced benefits of an IP CCTV system at a much lower cost.

A High Definition (HD) system operates at a much higher image resolution than a standard analogue system – capturing and recording more information and detail from one camera, which allows the user to zoom in to specific areas of an image whilst still retaining a useable image.

The HD CCTV cameras can capture so much detail (up to 1080p (1920 x 1080 pixels otherwise known as Full HD)), that one camera can sometimes be installed on a project where two standard cameras would have been installed in the past – providing a useful cost saving.

If you already have an analogue CCTV system installed you can upgrade to HD CCTV and obtain up to 80% of the features of entry level IP CCTV whilst retaining the existing RG59 coaxial cable infrastructure – again saving the potentially significant cost of recabling the whole system.

And finally, an additional benefit is that the HD CCTV DVRs (High Definition CCTV Digital Video Recorders) tend to be network ready and provide additional features such as dual encoding – allowing for optimum transmission of images over the internet.


In summary – the potential advantages of a HD CCTV system are:

  • Up to 2MP (MegaPixel) resolution providing much greater image detail
  • Option to use ‘off the shelf’ HD Television screen(s) instead of CCTV monitor(s)
  • Can utilise any existing RG59 Coaxial cable infrastructure
  • No requirement to connect your HD CCTV cameras to your network
  • Provides many of the features of entry level IP CCTV systems at a much lower cost


In addition to the benefits of the HD-SDI (High Definition Analogue system) mentioned above, the benefit of higher resolution image capture and handling can also be achieved through the use of HD IP CCTV (High Definition Internet Protocol based CCTV)

Furthermore; advances in technology have now lead (in 2016) to the availability of 4K (sometimes known as Ultra HD) CCTV cameras from some of the leading manufacturers, which have around 4 times the number of pixels as a standard HD (1080p) resolution camera; providing a much better image quality from a single camera – contact us to find out more.