Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) cameras utilise the high quality visual capabilities of a modern CCTV camera, and link this to an authorised database of vehicle registration plates to either log / record information on vehicle movements or to alert appropriate personnel and / or create a fast response to the presence of a specific vehicle – which could be a physical follow up action or an automated process such as the activation of gates or barriers.

In the case of being linked to a physical gate or barrier any vehicles which are not on the authorised database will not be granted automatic access – and will need to communicate with appropriate personnel via an intercom system or the barrier will have to be manually activated on an individual basis.

In addition to the recognition of authorised vehicle number plates, resulting in the triggering of an alert / action, an ANPR system will also create and save a visual record of each vehicle’s number plate that passes through the area it is covering – providing time and date stamped evidential proof of the vehicle’s presence. This could be used by the police or security services to alert them to a suspect vehicle (when used by the appropriate authorities) or to be used as evidence in court.

As well as linking them to the operation of physical gates and barriers, ANPR cameras also have the ability to be integrated with other building, operational and personnel management systems, adding further value and increasingly functionality in different areas of operation.

Logistics businesses or organisations with more than one office / location are able to register the time taken to travel between two or more of their sites, which can be linked to time and attendance systems, or can help logistics managers to assess the quickest routes to use on different days and at different times of each day to maximise vehicle operation times.

The integration of a host of security, building management and lifestyle technologies can create smart buildings and smart homes which can be ‘programmed’ to automatically initiate a number of actions by almost any technology which can be connected via the internet – and an ANPR camera can be the initial trigger for a whole chain of actions. For example – the arrival of an authorised vehicle within the ANPR CCTV camera’s field of view can automatically open the car park barrier, whilst un-setting the intruder alarm, changing the CCTV system to ‘day mode’, switching on the lights inside, turning up the heating, powering up the computer(s), switching on the kettle and any number of other actions – all at the same time – and all as a result of the authorised activation of the ANPR system.

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