The early detection and notification of fire within a building is the key to maximising personnel and asset protection and minimising any business losses and disruption.Fire Alarm panel

The Thompson Group are fast becoming one of the leading installers and maintainers of fire detection, notification & suppression systems. Successfully delivering fully integrated systems in the most demanding of environments within the public, private, education, retail, commercial and transportation sectors.

From conventional alarm systems and basic smoke detectors, through heat detectors and fire extinguishers, to the most advanced analogue addressable fire alarms and smoke aspiration systems which can detect the smallest particles of smoke, the fully trained and accredited team at The Thompson Group are able to fully protect both personnel and premises whilst ensuring compliance with BS5839.

Having undertaken a rigorous approval process, the team at The Thompson Group are proud to have been appointed as one of the few fully accredited designers, installers and maintainers of both Morley IAS and Notifier systems.

Making full use of our engineers’ range of skills and experience, The Thompson Group are able to design, install and commission fully integrated security and life safety systems to suit our clients’ requirements and budget.

Some examples of Fire detection and protection systems and technology include:


Fire Risk AssessmentFire Risk Assessments

As well as installing the latest fire detection and life safety technologies, our highly qualified and experienced Fire Risk Assessment (FRA) team can also ensure that a fully compliant Fire Risk Assessment has been completed for your premises and that it is suitable and sufficient to protect the lives and safety of any persons in or around the building.